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Herucus Johannes Blomerus was born in 1958 in Uptington, Northen Cape, and grew up in Pretoria. From an early age he has been interested in knives, and as a young boy his pocket money used to go towards buying knives, to the extent that his collection grew to over three hundred knives.
In 1998 he made his first knife, and it was not long before this interest in hand crafted knives, and the building of his own machinery, was taking up all of his free time. During this time he developed his own designs of biltong, hunting and liner lock folding knives. Herucus decided to learn from the master knife maker himself, Andre Thorburn, and enrolled for a course in liner lock folding knives. Since then the two families became very close friends and enjoy sitting around a fire in the Bushveld talking about knives.

South Africa has its own highly regarded group called the Knife Makers Guild of South Africa which is an exclusive group dedicated to peer evaluations based on quality. Herucus Blomerus' talented manufacturing skills and eye for great designs earned him a spot in the guild in the year 2000 and his popularity has skyrocketed ever since.
Herucus Blomerus creates beautiful knives that have the look and feel of art knives but still function like work knives. He is a talented knife maker with a lot of experience. He extracts the very best from the materials made available to the customer and to bring them together in a knife which is both an investment and a practical tool. Each component of the knife is fitted perfectly by hand and thus each knife is unique. The smooth action really defines the quality of his work.
Herucus beliefs that a folding knife is a working tool at first that can be in your pocket or handbag every day of your life, never to be without.