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I started out making knives at the beginning of 2017 with the sole intention of making my father a knife I had promised to make him in my MUCH younger years. After making a few more stock removal knives from stainless steel like 14C28N and N690 I tried my hand at forging after I built a basic forge with plaster of paris and vermeculite and acquired a very cheap cast Iron anvil. I have since acquired much more machinery and tools to make better knives from carbon steels and also make my own damascus/pattern welded steel.
I find forging a great challenge with immense possibilities. Large knives such as Bowie knives, Dirks and Daggers are knives I enjoy making but I have also delved into slip joint folders at some point with some success.
I enjoy leatherwork from time to time which I feel goes hand in hand with the actual knife making.

Knife: Full integral keyhole fighter
Category: Art Fixed Blade
Status: Display Only
Notes: Laddered w's keyhole integral knife. 15N20 and 1070. Blade has an appleseed grind/convex grind and a false edge. Handle pinned with nickel silver pin and capped with Bronze. Inlayed end cut of the same w's billit the knife is made from. The pommel is held in place with a bronze tang. Handle is african blackwood.
Knife: D guard bowie with 300 layer edge pattern Blade.
Category: Art Fixed Blade
Status: Display Only
Notes: 300 layer edge pattern, Damascus steel blade with a false edged clip. The blade has an appleseed /convex grind. The handle is a frame tang construction. Frame, guard and pommel nut are hardened, hot blued 5160. Scales are dyed giraffe bone held on to the frame using 8 domed, nickel silver pins. The spacer is wrought iron. Pommel nut has an inlayed end cut of dyed giraffe bone.