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Growing up I always had hobbies from candle making in primary school to leather work in high school. I started working for Eskom and qualified as an electrician After that I continued studying and completed a Dip Elect Eng. While working in the field of electrical engineering I started drawing and painting in oils and enjoyed doing woodwork as hobbies. I reached a point where I started getting orders for woodwork items and resigned to choose a more creative career creating furniture , kitchens, etc.

I attended a course in knife making at the Herbst knife making academy. I really enjoyed knife making and very soon realized that one can incorporate all of your knowledge ad skills in one product. From building machines to design and manufacturing of knives. The scope and level to which one can push your creativity is endless.

I then attended a basic Damascus course presented by Bertie Rietveld.

After building my forge and hydraulic presses with a lot of help from a Damascus book by Carel Smith, I started making Damascus. I then attended an advanced Damascus course presented by Henning Wilkinson. With the knowledge acquired and assistance from Henning I was able take my Damascus steel to a higher level.

One of the main driving factors behind my constant learning is the fact that I believe in sole authorship for my knives. I recently attended a basic engraving course and wish to practice and achieve a good level of skill in scrimshaw and engraving.

I wish to continue improving and developing my knives to continuously achieve higher standards.

Knife: Folding Dagger
Category: General Knives
Status: Display Only
Notes: These liner lock folding dagger's blades are made from Asteroid Damascus and Damascus San Mai respectively. They have been hot blued to produce the interesting colours . The pommels and bolsters are also made from Asteroid Damascus. The blue dagger blade was ground to produce a single edge only as double edged knives are not permitted in some countries.
Knife: Large dagger
Category: General Knives
Status: Display Only
Notes: This dagger has a multibar blade , Turkish twist and snakespine in the center. The Quillion and pommel is made of Brass. The handle is Black and white ebony with recon stone insert. The scabbard is cherry and leather