How to Become a Member of the Guild

Applying for membership of the Knifemakers' Guild of South Africa is a major step forward in your knifemaking “career”.

We all have different reasons for being members of the Guild but the most important reasons are to make the best quality knives possible and to submit our knives for peer group evaluation during the annual Guild show.

The question is often asked : What does the Guild offer me?

In the first instance, it provides an opportunity where the quality of your knives are evaluated to a standard of excellence. New members often remark that they view knives in a total new light after admission as for the first time they understand what Guild member knives really look like.

Secondly, the Guild provides for a peer evaluation and recognition forum. No other system will ever be more objective and valid to truthfully assess quality and performance. Peer recognition is also the most valued acknowledgement of your work.

Thirdly, the Guild presents an annual Guild show, usually in July, where Guild members are invited to show their knives. This is a major opportunity to present your knives for peer acknowledgement and to offer your knives for sale to collectors, special guests and members of the public.

Members further enjoy multiple benefits which vary from member to member. Strong friendships are forged, members are invited to other member’s workshops to discover new or different ways to improve their knifemaking and to add value to the guild by making meaningful contributions to the art and craft of knifemaking.

Membership of the Guild also serves as a guarantee of quality to buyers. Should a buyer be unhappy about the quality of the knife purchased, the Guild will ensure that the maker rectify the quality concern.

Your application will be the first step to have the quality of your workmanship evaluated.

We do expect the highest quality of workmanship and this will never be compromised. You must achieve an average of 75% on the five knives submitted for evaluation. Should ANY ONE of the five knives not reach the minimum standard, irrespective of the standard of the other knives, the applicant will NOT pass. The final score of the applicant is not disclosed.

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