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suart smith

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The knife is more than a tool. It is more than something to use when cutting a rope or gutting a fish. It is more than an implement to slice meat or prepare a meal. It is more than a sharp object able to save lives in a desperate situation.  From the first knife until now, we use it every day, we use it almost unwittingly to butter bread, open a package, remove a splinter.  It is the most versatile tool we ever made and we use it every day without even realising it.

It is mankind's earliest tool and to hold it is to allow that old memory to resurface and remind ourselves that the knife represents far more than a sharp edge.

It is an extension of our mind and hand, it can be our survival, our adventure.

But it must have purpose, it must fulfil its function. And that purpose must be built with beauty.

It must allow the hand that holds it to love the design in the same way the maker did when the idea of that knife was considered before it came to be.

Guild Show

The South African knifemaking scene has many different players and exhibitions that feature at least some knives, including a variety of ‘outdoor’ and ‘sporting’ type exhibitions. The annual exhibition of the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa is an annual event held in Johannesburg. The 2021 show will be held on the 23rd of October 2021 at the Kayalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre.

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Guild Members

We all have different reasons for being members of the Guild, but the most important reasons are to make the best quality knives possible and to submit our knives for peer group evaluation during the annual Guild show. Click the button below to view who our Guild members are and the fantastic, skillfully crafted knives they have on offer.

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Become a Member

Applying for membership of the Knifemakers Guild of South Africa is a major step forward in your knifemaking “career”. Membership of the Guild serves as a guarantee of quality to buyers. The question is often asked: What does the Guild offer me? Click the button below to view the benefits of being a Guild member, as well as the evaluation requirements and steps.

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