First Name:Jaco
Surname:DE KOCK
KGSA Number:
Telephone:082 962 1416
Facebook:NW Knives
Does Courses:Yes
Course Info:Fixed blade and linerlock.
Profile:I was born in November 1967 in Kleksdorp and grew up in the old Western Transvaal and Cape province. Like all young men from that generation I played with knives, catapults, slingshots and the occational blackpowder bomb. That is where my love for blades was born. After my two years in the old S.A. defense force, I went to study engineering. I started making knives somewhere in the 2000's. I did some courses in the making of fixed blade and linerlock knives aswell as in the making of damascus steel. In 2013 I build a beltsander for myself to speed up the knifemaking process. I immediatelly got requests from other knifemakers to build the machines for them aswell. I started NW Knives early 2014 and I am a full time knife maker and machine builder since then. I occasionally present courses for new knife makers. I stay in Potchefstroom in the NW province.