First Name:Garry
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Member Type:Retired Members (Emeritus)
Telephone:083 754 1653
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Does Courses:No
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I retired from my knifemaking hobby in 2012 mainly due to eyesight problems that would have interfered with my quality standard and that was unacceptable.
Having been accepted as a Voting member of the Guild in 1983, age 43, I have had nearly thirty years of creative fun in the workshop- in addition to some inevitable cuts and bruises and what not.

During this period I served on the Guild Executive Committee for many years and done duty as Secretary (3 years), New member Evaluator (3), Show Competition Judge (8), Show Statistics Committee (8+), Annual Show Organiser (4) and as Chairman (3).

I have also privately tutored quite a few individuals on the basic & other more intricate skills of knife-making so I believe I have also given back to knife-making some of what I have received from knife-making thru the years.

As is probably the norm,after the first ten years of crafting standard blades, my passion shifted and I settled for Daggers & Folders mainly in the Art Collectible category.

The knife-making excellence I strived for is witnessed by the numerous Excellence Awards received from the Guild, amongst others the Art Fixed Blade (3 times) and Art Folders (twice) and also the very coveted Best Overall Maker award.
I have also had excellent results in premier international events like the Annual Show in Paris, France and the Italian Guild Show in Milan.

I am extremely grateful for the many good knifing friendships made over the years and also wish to sincerely thank all the knife enthusiasts who's support I have enjoyed thru the years - even if only by viewing my creations.

I think it is worth mentioning that I still have to this day the very first knife I rmade, a small Loveless-type hunter, then part of the Guild evaluation requirement, and also the last knife of my knifing career, a pivot-button auto-opening folder. Together with a few others they are mementos from a most pleasurable era in my life.

May the Guild go from strength to strength.