First Name: Brian
In Memoriam: I met Brian when a few knife enthusiasts decided to form the Discovery Knife Club roughly in 2010/2011

A real gentleman with a passion for making knives and striving to make each knife better than the one before.

Brian soon only made liner lock folding knives, and had the ability to make knives that not just only looked good but worked even better.

We jokingly called Brian "Mr Mirror" as his blades were always polished to perfection.

Never too busy to help and pass advice to new knife makers. And very strict on himself... Only the best was good enough.

I had and still have the world of respect for Brian.

Brian fell ill not long after being accepted into the Guild.

Not even his illness could deter him from exhibiting at his 1st ever knife show. What an honour it was to be able to share that experience.

Who knew it would be Brian's first and last knife show.

-Henning Roodt

Brian's Bio:
'I always told my wife I want to make knives and as a birthday present she booked me on a fixed blade course at Herbst Knife making Academy late in 2010. The bug has bitten and I have been making knives ever since.
I applied for membership to the Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa in October 2015 and was honored to be accepted as a member.
Although I started off making fixed blade knives, I again attended a folding knife course at Herbst Knife making Academy as soon as I felt confident enough.
I mainly make liner lock folding knives now and only use Damasteel and RWL34 stainless steel for the blades.'

Liner lock folding knife
Blade - Damasteel Rose tempered to 60 Rockwell
Bolster & Spacer - Nebula Damascus by Bertie Rietveld
Handle - Ivory
Blade length - 66mm
Overall length 156mm
Liner lock folding knife
Model Insele
Blade - Damasteel Ladder tempered to 60 Rockwell
Bolster - Titanium, Lemon peel finish
Handles - Canvas Micarta
Blade length - 71mm
Overall length - 164mm
Liner lock folding knife
Model - BGT1
Blade - Damasteel Ladder tempered to 61 Rockwell
Bolster - Titanium
Handle - Carbon Fibre
Blade length - 87mm
Overall length - 204mm